People Rate These Things To Do In Chester At Night

By day Chester is a great place to visit but if you are interested in things to do in Chester at night then you won’t be disappointed. Chester packs a lot into its small space and has plenty of history, character, and style of its own. Its unique atmosphere and bewitching beauty make it one of Britain’s most popular towns for an unforgettable night out. It offers a truly breathtaking experience with each chapter of its rich history etched into every nook and crick of the city. Chester is home to the oldest racecourse, the largest Roman Amphitheatre and the most complete city walls in the United Kingdom.

It is also home to the one and only 700-year-old Rows galleries which offer shoppers a double delight. Here, you will find stores offering the hottest fashion in the world all set against a backdrop of the unique treasures of ancient times and vibrant café culture of outdoor dining and people strolling down the street hand in hand. If you are looking to explore the beautiful Chester city after sunset, here are our top things to do in Chester at night.

Stroll Through the City Walls

One of the best ways to get a sense of Chester’s unique character is to take a walk across the 2-mile circuit along the historic City Walls. These walls were built in AD 70, mostly in red sandstone. The City Walls follow the old Roman walls, excluding the region where they spread to the river to take in the castle. The entire circuit of these city walls is one of the best well-preserved of its kind in the UK. The walls are approximately a 2-mile walk, including the four gates: Watergate, Bridgegate, Eastgate, and Northgate.

When you get to the east gate, you will see the Clock that was erected in 1897 to symbolize Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. At the Northgate, you will be able to see traces of Roman foundations. Make sure to visit King Charles’ Tower while on your walk. This is where Charles I witnessed the overthrow of his army at Rowton Moor in the course of the English Civil War. This tower also houses a small museum, and evidence of the war is still in some places along the City Walls.

Inside the Bridgegate, is Chester’s oldest timber-framed building that was built in 1664. You can catch a bottle of beer at the Bear and Biller Pub. Other magnificent wall highlights include the impressive Morgan’s Mount watchtower and the Grosvenor Bridge. Don’t forget to visit the legendary Wishing Steps located at the southeastern corner of the walls, wishes added in 1785. According to local legend, anyone able to run up and down the stairs without drawing breath with allegedly sees their wishes come true.

Find Romantic Things to Do at The Storyhouse

If you are looking for romantic things to do in Chester at night, the Storyhouse promises to deliver. This 1930s art Deco Odeon was recently converted into an award-winning modern art centre with 2 theatre spaces, a cinema that shows art and indie movies. If you are a theatre lover, catch classic performances, including Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, The Beggar’s Opera, Alice in Wonderland, and Midsummer Night’s dream among other outstanding performances at the Storyhouse. Don’t miss to visit the Lebanese-inspired Kitchen bistro on the ground floor for some delicious mezze.

Dine with the crème at Simon Radley

Although you will be required to arrive at least 30 minutes early to sample their drinks and canapes, this Simon Radley is a must visit if you are touring Chester at night. This restaurant offers a chic dining experience that is accented with a sleek and modern atmosphere.

This restaurant has served near-perfect modern British Cuisine since 1990. They have an extensive wine list and the food served there is divine. Enjoy dished prepared by Simon Radley’s, a renown Executive Chef, and his team and an array of wines from different corners of the world.

Splurge on the Historic Rows

Other than the city walls, another must-do activity when visiting the Chester Rows is strolling and shopping through the Rows. The Rows are a series of two-level galleried arcades which is totally unique to Chester. The historic rows consist of two-story medieval style buildings that house shops on two levels.

The architecture of these buildings includes a handsome mix of Tudor and Victorian buildings which house a fantastic collection of independently owned shops. While the origin of the rows is still unclear, it is believed that medieval traders built their shops after the Romans walls began to slowly crumble.

Learn about Chester’s History

Chester city is every history buff’s wildest dream. This walled city has a rich history that is imminent in its red-bricked buildings. Chester city was originally built by the Romans as a fortress, which explains the Roman Amphitheater famous attractions. This city is also home to some Victorian and medieval history parts which make admiring noises.

Make your way to the Chester Cathedral, a very old, beautiful and treasured cathedral that has more to offer than you would expect. The Chester Cathedral is home to a nature reserve, lots of Legos and it is also falconry. Make sure to visit the cathedral’s extensive nature gardens set against the old cathedral.

The Grosvenor

After a leisurely day strolling through the ancient walls, shopping, and sightseeing, head to the 5-star Chester Grosvenor located in the heart of Chester. But before you head out dining, consider visiting the Grosvenor Museum, which is housed in a black and white timbered fascia. The building itself is an exhibit in its own rights. It is built and designed with Grade II listed red bricks with sandstone details that prettify it. Inside this masterpiece are the Roman artefacts and many other items attached to the Chester area. There is also a costume gallery and exhibitions on everything from modern fashion to nature.

Sally’s Secret Garden

Sally’s Secret Garden is a hidden gem tucked away in the Rows with a beautiful garden that is quite magical. in the core of Chester. This relaxing lounge provides a cool and relaxing place where you can enjoy coffee or tea under the 400 Carolean Ceiling. You will also get a chance to splurge on it a reasonably larger collection of spiritual and enlightening wares all at a bargain.

Attend Chester Events and Festivals

Time your night visit during one of Chester’s many events and festivals for an extra special treat. No other city does parades like Chester.


Food, Drink & Lifestyle Festival

This is the biggest event of its type in Chester and the entire UK held in April. This festival attracts gourmets from all over the world with 150 artisan food and drink exhibitors gracing the stage.

The Highbrow Chitchat Festival

If you are an aspiring book worm, there is no shortage of wordy stimulation and novel debates at the Highbrow chatter. Every year, aspiring writers, famous book writers, and book lovers descend here to talk about all things written word. This jam-packed festival features a series of workshops, book signings, and often heated discussions.

Blues and Music Festival

This festival takes place during summer and is sure to make your night out amazing. During this festival, classical music concerts, and performances of contemporary music ensembles are held in the open air.

Chester’s Nightlife

Finally, a list of things to do in Chester at night wouldn’t be complete without its lively nightlife. At night, Chester is full of places to go, which makes deciding where to go rather hard. Here are our top picks of Chester cars and nightclubs.


This is Chester’s biggest nightclub. This club has 6 different themed areas to cater to everyone. The bars are spread across the building meaning you will not have to go far to grab your favourite drink. Also, there is a DJ in every room playing a range of music from Britpop anthems to intense dance tunes.


This is a small bar located on Watergate Street. This bar is known for its cocktails and indie music. Its small setting works to bring people closer together.


This family-friendly BBQ situated by the river serves up the finest hospitality in Chester. Hickory’s Smokehouse offers authentic BBQ style food from wood fire chicken skewers to ribs to steaks.

The Botanist

Situated in the shadow of the Cathedral, is the Botanist; a sanctuary to discover. This restaurant’s concept is unlike anything you’ve seen. It has an aged floral themed lodged that has been transformed into a homely retreat. This restaurant is ideal for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax in the ambience as they indulge in delightful food and an expansive array of ales.

Telford’s Warehouse

Chester is a city with a strong music scene. The Telford’s Warehouse offers a nice quirky venue that doubles up as a bar to have some drinks while you jam to the music.

As you can see, Chester has no shortage of things to do at night. Here, there is something for everyone, whether you are looking to enjoy a peaceful meal or to rock away with your favourite band. So if you haven’t visited Chester, now is the right time to do just that.